Uploading files

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It is now possible to upload files into your Xacte account by using the Send files function in the Xacte mobile app.

This new functionality allows you to upload files (PDF or image) 3 different ways :
    1. Send directly to Xacte

      • Allows you to send files to our Xacte agents (to be processed or to be archived)
      • By selecting this option, you need to specify what type of document you are uploading (For example : billing documents or CMA).
      • The uploaded files will then be processed like any other files sent by Email or Fax.
    1. Send to the web version

      • Allows you to upload files from you mobile app to your computer account’s web session (For example : a certificate of attendance for a CMA)
      • By doing so, you can easily and rapidly, attach any files to a web claim directly into your Xacte web account.
    1. Add to My documents

      • Allows you to upload files in your My Documents directory, available under the section Documents, both on the mobile app and in the web version.
  This option is available from the homepage, in the floating menu. Select the desired action and document type. Press on the + to add files. You can choose to use the Camera or a file already available on your mobile. Press on the Send button in order to upload the files.

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