Advance Medicare number recognition

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An advanced Medicare number recognition feature is now available on the Xacte mobile app.

With this new functionality, you can now read any bar code present on a Medicare card. The application can recognize the bar code from the older Medicare cards as well as on the newer versions of the RAMQ Medicare card. Furthermore, with this new technology, you can now scan a Medicare number from all sorts of medium :
  • A printed paper (For example : patient file)
  • A computer screen (For example : Your Electronic Medical Record)
  • An hospital card
  • Etc.
  This technology is called optical character recognition (OCR). It converts printed or most handwritten numbers into digital texts that can be used by a software application. With the digital text, Xacte’s application can then detect and extract any medicare numbers. To activate this function, access Xacte mobile app settings (Using the top left menu). Activate Enable advanced NAM’s reading. When the functionality Enable advanced NAM’s reading is activated in the settings, you will be able to use either ones (Bar code or OCR). Directly while scanning, it will be possible to activate or disable one of those functionalities (either the Bar code or the OCR function). If you find yourself using only one function, we suggest that you disable the other one. This will optimize the performance of the chosen method. If the Mobile app recognizes a few Medicare numbers, you will be prompted to choose the desired one.

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