2016-05-04 Update!

A new update of Xacte application has been recently deployed !

New available features.

Ready for SYRA!

We have successfully started the transition of our “agency” clients to SYRA in the last few weeks. The web application is now ready for you, it is also time to start the transition for our « online » clients. We will contact you soon in order to initiate the process.

English version of the website available !

We are proud to announce that your Xacte application is now available in English. The translation of the website in English is now accessible to all users. You can select the language of your interface from the section “Paramètres“.  Being in constant evolution, the website translation will soon be refined. Do not hesitate to share your comments and suggestions with us so we will be able to improve our service, in French as well as in English.



New shortcuts M and U for the psychiatrists

New shortcuts have been added to your quick reminder menu for the psychiatrists in order to ease and speed your billing codes entry : M (Medico-legal) et U (commUnication through an interpreter).  

U (15761) :

Communication through an interpreter.

M8 (98008) :

Evaluation requested by TAQ – Social Affairs Commission (CAS)

M0 (98000) :

Assessment for preventive custody (Garde préventive)

M9 (98009):

Evaluation requested by curator

M1 (98001) :

Assessment #1 and #2 for garde en établissement

M10 (98010) :

Evaluation required under Youth Criminal Justice Act

M2 (98002) :

Assessment – Maintaining or Extending of ‘garde en établissement’ (21 days, 3m, other)

M11 (98011) :

Evaluation required Youth Protection Act (DPJ)

M3 (98003) :

Evaluation to obtain Court-Ordered treatment/Placement (T/P)

M12 (98012) :

Testimony before court or TAQ to follow up on psychiatric evaluation report

M4 (98004) :

Evaluation – Follow-Up to Court-Ordered T/P

M20 (98020) :

DPJ reporting/Document/Discussion (hospital)

M5 (98005) :

Evaluation to determine capacity to Stand Trial

M21 (98021) :

DPJ reporting/Document/Discussion (Private office)

M6 (98006) :

Evaluation to determine Criminal Responsability

M22 (98022) :

Communication to signal that a patient is dangerous. and to bring patient to ER

M7 (98007) :

Evaluation requested by TAQ – Examination Commission (CE)

New page for fee for service claims list

A new page “Nouvelle page Liste des demande à l’acte” is now available. It includes the page “Toutes les DP – Actes”  and “En cours-Acte”. You can now access your archived claims and your current claims within this same page.

New grid template with 14 columns

A new grid template with 14 columns is now available. So from now on, you have the possibility to create and select a grid template for the whole billing period, i.e 14 days.

Last created grid template selected by default

When you create a billing grid for a specific profile (Inc, private, pool), the page « Nouvelle Grille » will now automatically remember the grid type you created for the selected profile. An extra improvement to facilitate your billing.

New diagnoses list available

A new diagnoses list is now available in your quick reminder menu : « Liste des diagnostics SYRA – Médecins (RAMQ cim-9) ». This list is very important because it gathers all the diagnoses recognized by the RAMQ inside the new system SYRA. All the details about SYRA will be given to you when your transition is made.

Configuration of personalized search lists

It is now possible to configure a personalized search list. This search list allows you to add a search list to your quick reminder menu into your grid.

A tutorial can be seen at the following address : How to create a personalized search list