Control Calendar 2.0

The new Control Calendar is now available!

Accessible from your homepage, the Control Calendar is a monthly verification tool that will help eliminate any potential forgotten billing.

Homepage – In the Section: Other reports

For each day you can specify the following:

  • If you were at a conference
  • If you were on vacation
  • If it was a national holiday
    By default, any days you have billed acts or forfeits on will automatically display as being OK.

For days you have billed any acts on, the calendar will display the following details:

  • The amounts billed for each establishment
  • Number of acts being billed
    The Control Calendar can also be synchronised in real time with your PetalMD schedule.

In this calendar, the days displayed are days when:

  • You are supervising students
  • You are on-call
  • You are supervising a Nurse Practitioner
  • You are attending meetings or committees
  • You are on vacation

More details on the integration with PetalMD Scheduling

More details on the integration with PetalMD Scheduling:

Video integration PetalMD – Tasks
Video integration PetalMD – Events

All clients with PetalMD Scheduling will have the possibility of integrating their schedule into their billing. The deployment of this integration will be progressive and will take place over several weeks. You will be notified when the integration of your schedule into Xacte billing is active.

Until then, if you wish to accelerate the process and be among the first clients to integrate your schedule into your billing, don’t hesitate to contact an Xacte agent at the following address:

Happy billing!

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